Contributed by Christine Briel / Skaneateles Design

Early in the summer I rode my bike with my daughter out to Borodino Market (our first trip to see the family farm for this season) and blogged on here about our great purchase of blackberry jam.

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About a month later a nice lady from the local periodical FamilyTimes called me on the phone to inquire about my families habits of buying local, how important it was to us and how we emphasized it with our children (she came across the aforementioned blog post about the jam). She did a really nice write up on buying local in the August 2008 copy of Family Times in the article titled “Livin’ La Vida Local” – below is an excerpt of our conversation and the mention of our families favorite local treasure Borodino Market.

“… Skaneateles mother Christine Briel was initially driven to go local by the quality of produce grown around her home. “Freshness is the biggest thing,” says Briel, who has one child in college and one in high school, “but the connection with people who actually grew the stuff is really important, too.”

She doesn’t always find time in her busy schedule to stop at the weekly farmers’ market in her town. “If I miss the market, I will go to a local farm foods store like the Borodino Market,” Briel says. “Especially with our long winters, I find it really valuable to get fresh produce during the summer months.”

What they don’t buy from local farmers, the Briels grow in their back yard. This year, they will get radishes, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, beans and peas from their garden …”

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