Contributed by Holly Knott / Skaneateles Artisans

Click to view full size picture of Holly's QuiltThe story behind Holly’s Quilt that’s being exhibited:

This stunning American Sycamore sits next to Lafayette’s Quarters (Gideon Gilpin’s House), on what is now the Brandywine Battlefield in Chadds Ford, PA. It’s approximately 396 years old as of 2008, which means it witnessed the Revolutionary War battle that took place on its grounds, being well over 150 years old at the time. Legend says that the Marquis de Lafayette rested against this tree while his wounded leg was being tended to during the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. The diameter of this gigantic tree’s trunk is 9′ ! This quilt portrays just one branch.

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My husband, parents and I visited this tree a few days after 9/11/01, on a gorgeous, breezy, late summer day with a deep blue, cloudless sky. It was quite moving to be standing on the grounds where a battle was fought for our nation’s independence during those intensely stressful days following 9/11. In this quilt, I tried to capture that sky, the breeze, the light, and the enormity of the tree.

Event Details:
State University of New York at Oswego Announces Exhibition of Contemporary Quilts Tyler Art Gallery will feature work of nineteen upstate artists September 5 through October 19. Tyler Art Gallery, on the SUNY Oswego campus, will display the work of nineteen upstate quilt artists in an upcoming exhibition entitled “A Personal Landscape: Contemporary Art Quilts.” The exhibition opens on September 5th and runs through October 19th.

“These are not traditional quilts in form or function,” said Dr. Laurene Buckley, director of Tyler Art Gallery, “but rather works of contemporary art composed of fabric, fiber, and unconventional materials. I think of them as quilts unleashed.” The exhibition will complement two other nature-themed exhibitions held concurrently at the Tyler Gallery: “Eco Tankers: An Exhibition by Bruce Conkle” and “Rocks and Rills: Nature Themes from the Permanent Collection”.

Guest Curator of the exhibition, Pat Pauly from Pittsford, NY, chose works by quilt artists from the upstate New York region around Oswego. “Each of these quilts reflects the artist’s interpretation of ‘landscape,’ either real or imagined,” Pauly said. Her own work “Earth, Water II” captures giant sized leaves and water lilies in the abstract quilt form.

Other artists featured in the show include Ithaca quilter Aafke Swart Steenhuis, who depicts the imagined inner landscape of the human body in her work “Giant Cell X”. “Buttermilk Falls” by Caren Betlinski, from Rushville, NY, depicts a countryside “painted” with thread and fabric, satisfying for those who are more comfortable with their feet on the ground. Wellsville artist Patricia Mattison interprets the outer limits of our natural world with “Perseid Meteor,” a fiber collage that captures the vibrance of a meteor shower on the darkened landscape.

The Interlaken artist Mary Diamond, in her piece “Quartet”, personifies the four seasons as four muses of nature’s cycle, each morphing between human and plant. Jeanne Raffer Beck’s work “A Passionate Heart’s Landscape,” is an abstract take on the landscape of human emotion. Marcia DeCamp uses remaining jet contrails as the focus of her work, “Jet Trails #5”, finding her subject matter above the horizon line.

Other artists include Linda Bachman, Janet Ozard Root, Judith Plotner, Nancy Davis Murty, Beth Brandkamp, Ren Vasiliev, Sally Dutko, Patricia G. Faulkner, Melissa Craven Fowler, Nancy P. Hicks, Holly Knott, and Jeanne Simpson.

The exhibition opens with a reception at the Tyler Art Gallery on Friday on September 5th from 5 to 7 p.m. The Gallery will be open weekdays 10-4 and weekends 12:30-4:30 through October 19th.

Contact: 315.312.2113 or
Pat Pauly, guest curator of exhibition at 585 381 3921 or
Dr. Laurene Buckley, director of Tyler Art Gallery, University of New York at Oswego or