John Buterbaugh, a geography major at SUNY Geneseo, has made a map of sidewalks in the Village of Skaneateles. Viewers can reference the map for such purposes as real estate or tourism.

“I believe walkability is vital to a community’s livelihood,” Buterbaugh argues. “Being able to conveniently run short errands, jog, eat out, trick or treat, or just discover what a town has to offer is a charming experience. Not only do sidewalks connect us to sites of interest, they also connect us to our friends and neighbors in our community. This is something I believe the village does very well, and something I believe we should promote throughout the nation.”

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“As someone who uses,” Buterbaugh continues, “My observation was that itself is not a map of sidewalks but a map of walkability. In addition, I noticed it did not have any representation for the walking situation in the village. This and my appreciation for sidewalks led me to make this map.”

Buterbaugh has offered to make sidewalk maps of small communities in the area at request.