Built as a stagecoach stop in 1807, the Sherwood Inn in the village of Skaneateles has been a favorite resting place for travelers and locals for nearly two centuries. The Inn has been restored, having four fireplaces, pegged wood floors, antique furniture and wood detailing.

In 1815 the Sherwood tavern was leased to a firm named Coe & Marsh, who sold it in 1833 to William Fuller, who had worked previously for Sherwood. Fuller kept the tavern for seven years and sold it to Colonel Alfred Lamb in 1840, when it became Lamb’s Hotel. The colonel decided to rename the hotel the Houndayaga House in 1845. The townspeople were more interested by the sign on the front of the inn simply stating “The Lamb.”

Near the end of the Civil War a successful carriage manufacturer named John Packwood bought and renovated the tavern, adding a third floor, east and west wings and a balcony. Packwood spent approximately $20,000 on this renovation which was a rather large sum by the day’s standards, so it was fitting that the Inn was named the Packwood House.


26 West Genesee Street