Thayer House is located at 77 and 79 East Genesee Street in the Village of Skaneateles, NY. The house underwent major renovations and was converted into condos.

Joel Thayer arrived in the Village of Skaneateles in 1835. His home at 77 E. Genesee Street was a showplace and still stands. Thayer acquired the house in 1862, adding a mansard roof and iron work, as well as an apiary, solarium and formal gardens. In the carriage house to the rear, iron grillwork separated the horses’ stalls and hand-carved oak arches crowned them, each bearing the name of its equine resident. In 1866-68, across the street, Thayer built Legg Hall to honor his father-in-law. It was John Legg’s old carriage factory. Over the years Legg Hall has functioned as a dance hall, roller rink, lecture hall, basketball court, a business block and now condominiums.

In 1874, Joel Thayer turned his attention to the shoreline next to Legg Hall, building a breakwall and turning the land into a park, which he opened to the public. His granddaughters, Eva and Mary Webb, formally deeded Thayer Park to the Village in 1922.


79 East Genesee Street