Windows to the World

Ward Vuillemot, right, with teacher Jim Ryan

By John Turner Pictured above: Ward Vuillemot, right, with teacher Jim Ryan {{vspace8}} “I learned more in 30 minutes than I have in my entire life.” That enigmatic statement is from eighth grader Chris Corona, one he made after participating in Skaneateles Middle School’s Windows Project.  Continue Reading

A Musical “Blessing”


By John Turner Even as a child, Chris Blessing knew that making music was never a science. Since he first began creating music during viola lessons as a third grader, the 19-year-old Skaneateles resident has relied on his instincts and pure passion to let music move through him, rather Continue Reading

Dr. Rob Kiltz: The gift is LOVE!

Dr Rob Kiltz

By Gena Eve Viggiani. "How many times have we looked into a mirror and said to ourselves, I love you? We are all waiting for someone else to tell us, but it is within us, it doesn't come from outside of ourselves," said Dr. Rob Kiltz during an interview on Sunday. Love. That is the gift Continue Reading